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Suicide is a problem within the law enforcement community due to the daily stress and rigors an officer is subjected to.  To learn more, please view the Kenosha Police Department's newest video about Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention.  If you know of someone in need of assistance, please reach out to get the needed help.

Chief John W. Morrissey has released the Kenosha Police Department 2013 Annual Report.  Please check out the report to see what the Kenosha Police Department did in 2013.

To read about Wisconsin's Conceal Carry Law, click here.

The Kenosha Police Dept. Honor Guard is a member organization in the Wisconsin Honor Guard Association


The Build of a Kenosha Police Squad Car


Check out how one of our squads is built. Click here to see the video.

Worthless Check Program



As consumers and taxpayers, we all pay higher prices because of the losses associated with people issuing worthless checks. Law enforcement spends significant resources investigating and prosecuting people who issue worthless checks. Along with this, the number of worthless check cases increase every year.
In response to concerns regarding worthless checks, the Kenosha Police Department and the Kenosha County District Attorney's Office, in conjunction with Financial Crimes Services (FCS), have implemented a worthless check diversion program.
The main goals of the program are:
  -  Restitution for victims
  -  Increase accountability of people who issue worthless checks
  -  Educate and assist Kenosha County merchants and residents in reducing the number of worthless checks written
  -  Reduce the costs for investigating and prosecuting worthless check cases
The program is at no cost to the taxpayer or area merchants. It is solely supported by the people who issue the worthless checks.
If you have any further questions after reviewing the packet, please contact the Financial Crimes Services, Inc. (FCS) check diversion program at 1-800-906-8182.
To download a packet for the Diversion/Accountability Worthless Check Program, please click on the check below.


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