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Suicide is a problem within the law enforcement community due to the daily stress and rigors an officer is subjected to.  To learn more, please view the Kenosha Police Department's newest video about Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention.  If you know of someone in need of assistance, please reach out to get the needed help.

Chief John W. Morrissey has released the Kenosha Police Department 2013 Annual Report.  Please check out the report to see what the Kenosha Police Department did in 2013.

To read about Wisconsin's Conceal Carry Law, click here.

The Kenosha Police Dept. Honor Guard is a member organization in the Wisconsin Honor Guard Association


The Build of a Kenosha Police Squad Car


Check out how one of our squads is built. Click here to see the video.



The Kenosha Police Department Forensic Unit serves the citizens of Kenosha by responding to all types of crime scenes and documents the scene through pictures, video, drawings and the collection of all types of physical evidence. The evidence is transported into the Kenosha Police Department where it is securely stored. 
The Forensic Unit performs a number of criminalistics examinations, ie fingerprint comparison, footwear evaluations, photographic & digital examinations, evidence processing utilizing a large variety of scientific techniques, chemicals and equipment. Bloodstain pattern analysis as well as crime scene reconstruction are also functions of this unit. The forensic unit assists the detective bureau in cold case work as well and supports surrounding jurisdiction in forensic procedures as requested. 
Are the TV forensics shows true? There are some forensic programs on TV that have educational value. These shows are generally found on Discovery, CNN or Court TV. The other types area drama and are made for entertainment purposes.
Is forensic technology as advanced as the “CSI” TV show depicts?   The tools we use today in forensic science are advanced, BUT, most of what you see on TV is a combination of real tools with a large dose of Hollywood effects.
Can body fluids be detected on items of evidence? Yes, we are able to utilize chemicals that change color when they come in contact with specific body fluids. 
Can a rootless hair have any forensic value? Yes, by using mitochondrial DNA examination techniques rather than the nuclear DNA process.
What is forensic science? Forensic Science is the application of scientific facts to legal problems. The forensic unit deals with the discipline of criminalistics, a sub-field of forensic science dealing with collection, preservation, examination and evaluation of physical evidence.
How can I find out the status of the evidence involved in my case? This can be done in two ways. You need to know your case number then you can either call the detective assigned to the case or you can call the Forensic Unit at (262) 605-5246 and inquire. 
Do you always get fingerprints from crime scenes? The statistics show that finger and or palm prints are only recovered from crime scenes about 30% of the time. Of these impressions recovered a much smaller percentage is actually identifiable. 
Why does it take me more than 24 hours to get the results from the evidence? Depending on the type of crime there is the option to complete a variety of processing techniques. Combine this with the possibility of the evidence being sent for DNA evaluation or an Automated Fingerprint Identification System, AFIS, search and time adds up. We are dedicated to provide the citizens of Kenosha with the most current cutting edge forensic services possible.
If you would like to know more about Forensic Science and its many disciplines, please follow the following links.
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